Uniquely U

The first block of our Youth Social Action and Artivism project focused on body image, and the group created a body-positive podcast and coded a quiz to encourage people to find the sport that suits them and do it for themselves. 

The team say:
“We are a group of young people who are trying to create more body positivity in our local area. We have been working very hard the last couple months to make a campaign and a podcast to help achieve our goal. With your help we can come one step closer to making our area more positive with body image.”

“On our logo, we added on our hashtag – #MakeYourselfYourHabit. We are saying that you shouldn’t do things just because others are telling you to, you should do it to make yourself happy. The Uniquely ü – the name of our project – means that everybody is unique in their own way and no two people are the same.”


Click on the options to find the perfect sport for you!

Click the green flag to begin.

What was your result? More info about where to find your new sport in Clackmannanshire is below. Share your results using #MakeYourselfYourHabit

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01259 750124

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The podcast team did a call out via school and social media for stories relating to body image to read and discuss on their pilot episode, which you can listen to below.

Project Gallery


The team found out the following during their research phase:

Social media can negatively affect body image by over-exposing you to idealized body types.
Photoshop + filters are readily available to users playing into unrealistic body image.

88% of women compare themselves to images on social media.

65% of men compare themselves to images on social media – we need to remember that men can be insecure about their body image too.

Media’s effect on body image can cause self-image issues which can lead to eating disorders, drug and alcohol use, cutting, bullying and sexual risk behaviours.

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