Magic Meals on a Budget

The second block of Youth Social Action and Artivism looked at food poverty. The group had a visit from Tillicoultry Community Larder where they learned about how food banks work and what the most common things given out are. From there, they decided to create a cook book using these ingredients. 

The book will be distributed throughout Clacks and is also available to view online. 


What did they do?

The ingredients selected were: a can of mince and onions, a can of vegetables, a can of chopped tomatoes, instant mash, red split lentils, garlic powder, pasta, baked beans, veggie stock cubes and bread.

The team spent time researching and testing recipes, working together to make sure they could get the most out of their ingredients. They then shot all the photos, learning along the way how to stage the food to make it look most appetising. They then used Canva to layout and design the book to be sent to print. 


Project Gallery

Let us know what you think

What should the team look at next? What issues in the world / our community do you think are most pressing? Let us know!