Voice & Choice

It starts with young people co-designing every aspect of our projects. Working together, we develop ideas and plans – this ensures the integrity of OYCI being a youth action charity.  We support this by regularly gathering feedback and data from young people via focus groups, Instagram polls, and interactive surveys to ensure our work is relevant and reflecting their wants and needs. We help them have a voice and a choice in everything we do! 

Getting involved here helps young people to develop confidence, self-efficacy, team skills, leadership and organisational skills – it’s also a lot of fun and a great way to meet people! 

This can be as simple as sharing your views, or telling us what you want to do at the start of a session, to working on helping us design longer term projects and social action.

Support Us

There are loads of ways you can support the work we do, here’s just a few…

This strand – like all of our work – is rooted in universal youth work principles and practice, these are: 

  • Young people choose to participate 
  • The work must build from where young people are 
  • Youth work recognises the young person and the youth workers as partners in a learning process

This is framed by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) which has now been embedded into Scots law.

For more information on Scotland’s Youthwork Outcomes Model, click the link below.