The Environment

For this block of Youth Social Action we looked at the environment, and everything that that encompasses. We decided to focus our efforts into helping makeover the garden at the Ben Cleuch Centre, and adding things to it that could support native wildlife.  


What did we do?

Phase 1: We assessed the garden in its current state and wrote a list of things we needed to do, things that could be upcycled, and thought about the people who use the garden and what they would need. 

Phase 2: We began the work! During the October holidays we had two days of weeding, tidying, and more planning. 

Phase 3: We worked with The Conservation Volunteers to learn about hedgehogs, and made a habitat for them so we can give them a safe place to live in the garden (after all, our community isn’t just humans!)

Phase 4: Is yet to come… watch this space for how you can get involved with this brilliant transformation. 

Project Gallery

Let us know what you think

What should the team look at next? What issues in the world / our community do you think are most pressing? Let us know!