Helping you get through the exams (with a smile on your face!)

Our mental health peer mentors – Astrid, Daniel, and Eleanor, have put together some tips on how to stay relaxed and happy during exam time, along with some brilliant resources to help you study. We hope you enjoy and find this useful! 

Your Wellbeing Matters

Over study leave, you are likely to find yourself spending a lot of time sitting in front of a laptop or textbooks revising, but it is still really important that you take time away from your studying and let yourself relax and refresh so that you are able to better concentrate on what you are doing and keep yourself fit and healthy.

One simple yet effective way of getting away from your laptop and out into the fresh air is to go for a walk, however short or long it may be. Even being outside for 5-10 minutes can make a huge difference! There is plenty of evidence to highlight the benefits of going out for a walk and studies have shown that a short walk every day has the potential to increase productivity by up to 30%. This small commitment to getting out can clearly make a big impact on how well you learn and remember. And don’t forget, you make it enjoyable too!

Why not try mixing your routine up a bit each day and go on different walking routes or meet up with a friend and have a chat along the way – your social life matters as well! However much time you have, spending some of it outdoors is very rewarding and will help to reduce any stress that you may feel. Of course, exams and revision aren’t easy, but everyone can do little things to help themselves to feel more positive and happier.

Exam/study resources

Studying effectively is all about finding what technique works best for you! We’ve compiled a few free resources that you can access online that should be helpful when preparing for your exams/prelims, hopefully you will find these very helpful 🙂

Live study sessions on e-sgoil

Supported study resources on Forth Valley RIC youtube channel

BBC bitesize for extra notes, explanatory videos and quizzes

Quizlet for creating and learning flashcards

jabchem/jabstem for science past papers and marked answers

Free higher/advanced higher maths for past papers and other useful resources

Free online textbook resources

Bright red digital zone for revision exercises etc

Youtube accounts

Biology –





Modern studies and history




Art and design

Languages  (AQA)

Business and computing


Design and manufacture, graph comm and woodwork


Got anything to add?

What helps you get through exam times? Get in touch to let us know anything else we should add to this page.