We are connecting young people within their communities and driving change so that there is better provision everyone. We are helping them to be heard in the decisions that affect them.

By donating money to OYCI you are supporting this work and letting young people know that they are valued. The minimum donation amount is £5.00.

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“The really good thing about OYCI is that we get our say and the grown ups don’t really take charge, we make the decisions!” – Rosanne
“I met a lot of people through OYCI so that really helped going up to High School – it has really helped me with making friends, and confidence” – Antonia
“OYCI is an awesome community help group. In OYCI I feel like anyone has a chance to speak up for what they want” – Kayden
“I’ve met new people who I’d never have spoken to otherwise, I’ve gained confidence and leadership skills” – Sophie
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